Bastion is an official NZS accredited maintenance provider, so we know exactly how to adhere to their requirements and to treat your home to ensure it looks as good as new.

New Zealand Steel Colorsteel is a household name in New Zealand, their product is New Zealand made and has been developed over a long period of time to endure our unique climatic conditions. If you are investing in Colorsteel material then you are investing in a quality product that will last for many years.

Accordingly, NZS offer comprehensive warranty cover, but you may not be aware that in order to validate this warranty cover, regular maintenance has to be carried out in accordance with their maintenance recommendations. The table below shows these requirements insert NZ Steel Tech Bulletin 12.

NZ Steel Maintenance Table
NZ Steel Maintenance Table

In the case of roofs, rain washing is adequate for the main roof area, but for wall cladding and unwashed areas, regular cleaning must be performed. Unwashed areas are those that do not receive any or sufficient natural rain washing such as soffits, all wall cladding, under eaves, underside of gutters, fascia, sheltered areas of garage doors and unwashed roof areas.

Treatment of these areas must be done in accordance with the NZS guidelines, and in the case of a warranty claim, you should be able to demonstrate that that this maintenance has be carried out.

As part of our service we issue your property with an official service logbook to record exactly what maintenance we have carried out on your behalf which validates your warranty beyond question. We recommend you keep this in a safe place at home for us to fill out on each visit, but just in case we also maintain an online database at our offices. This is also a valuable record to have for your own purposes which is likely add to the resale value of your home if you can demonstrate to prospective buyers that it has been well cared for, and maintained appropriately to validate the material warranty.

There are no contracts or obligations whatsoever associated with the maintenance programme that Bastion provides. However we will send you reminders in advance of the due date for the next service and also contact you for confirmation, and for regular customers we are able to negotiate discounted rates on regualr maintenance or complementary services. While we are there you might also like to consider having us tidy up other areas of the home, for instance cleaning out the gutters.