It doesn’t take long for dirt and dust to accumulate on the outside of your home, and in time this can damage and erode the paint coating. This is often one of those jobs that people tend to put off month after month .. the thought of all the hassle and cost of organising the equipment and taking time to do the work in your precious weekends can be quite daunting, so let Bastion take care of this for you with a low pressure treatment.

We have the specialist equipment, treatments and expert staff to make short work of this on your behalf and make your home look like new again. People are always amazed at the result and the huge difference it makes to their home.. and it allows you to use your free time to spend with the family or doing the things you love to do.

For those homes that are on tank water supply, we realise that water is a precious resource, so we can bring up to 800L of water with us to minimise the draw on your homes water resources. This won’t always be enough to complete the job, depending on what services we are performing, but it certainly helps!

Washing the house is also a great way of bumping up the value of your property when putting it on the market. Home staging the interior of a home is commonplace these days in order to maximise the sale value of a home, so why not do the same with the exterior of the home.. After all first impressions are vital!