How much water is used?

This is dependant on the size of your home. A typical medium sized home of say 200 to 250sqM requires around 2,000 litres of water to wash it. This is two cubic metres at $1.50 per cubic metre = $3.00 total. This does not include the cost of wastewater which is a fixed rate for some and $3.00 per cubic metre for others (suburb dependant).

Should I clean my home in winter or summer?

Well the answer to that is that either season is equally good!

In winter time when there is usually more rain and moisture around, the dirt is typically softer and easier to remove.

In summer time there is typically more airborne dirt in the air which often settles and accumulates on the external surfaces of the home, and that’s the time when you are outside more and tend to notice the dirtiness – not to mention that’s also the time when you want to be doing things you enjoy!

Will the cleaning agents you use damage the paint?

Provided the paint coating is in good condition, absolutely not. The treatments we use are specific to the task being undertaken, industry tested and won’t damage your paint work. Nor will they have any adverse effect on the health of your pets or plants.

What does the external house wash cover?

An external house was includes everything from the outside of the gutters to the ground, including downpipes and alcoves. It excludes the roof , inside the gutters and any attached decking – but that is available upon request.

How can i pay?

Payment is due upon completion of the work. We have mobile eftpos or you can pay by credit card in advance. Cash or direct credit is also accepted.

What do you need to do the job?

No power is required, all we need is an external tap connection. It is not necessary for anyone to be at home on the day as we don’t require any internal access. Even though the results will be self evident, we will leave you a card upon completion to confirm what work has been done and with our contact info should you have any queries. We welcome your feedback!